VOG Launches Natural Gas Production on the La-107 Well in the Logbaba Field

Victoria Oil and Gas (VOG), the British energy company specializing in natural gas production in Cameroon, has just announced the start of gas production on one of its twin wells La- 107on onshore. 

The well, drilled in November 2016 and reached 3,180 meters, was tested at a maximum flow of 54 million cubic meters of gas per day through a 70/64 inch choke. Although VOG has exceeded expectations, the company says that La-107 has an absolute potential of 146 million cubic meters of gas. 

The production of La-107 was connected to the Logbaba gas processing plant and the drilling rig that performed the work was transferred to the La-108 twin sink. Operations for its installation are in progress and work is expected to be completed by the end of the year. At this level VOG hopes to reach a column of 100 meters net of gaseous sands at a depth of between 2,107 and 2,760 meters. 

« With the results obtained on La-107, we can now proceed to the finalization of long-term gas supply contracts with major customers. […] The drilling of the two wells was difficult and costly and the success of La-107 is a culmination for our operational teams. ”Said Ahmet Dik, the boss of VOG.

Author: Olivier de Souza

Source: Business in Cameroon