Oil, Gas and Mining

Unrivaled industry expertise

CAC’s Oil, Gas & Mining team has developed a solid expertise in this sector based on a deep knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable to the oil and mining activities in our countries of intervention and on an appropriate perception of the operational problems specific to the conduct of oil and mining activities in Africa. These advantages are a real added value to our customers.

Specialist in Public-Private Partnerships

We intervene on behalf of public clients (states, national companies) by providing them with expert advice, particularly in their projects to reform the legal and fiscal environments applicable to the oil and mining sectors in order to make them more attractive to private investors while ensuring a balance in the distribution of the results of the natural resources’ exploitation. We also assist them in the process of negotiating oil and mining contracts, including the organization of tendering procedures.

Consulting in investment operations

Our activity also covers the support of our public and private customers (operators, subcontractors, financiers) in their investment, disinvestment and financing operations related to oil and mining assets.

CAC Intervenes throughout the value chain

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