IT Consulting

Comprehensive IT support

CAC offers complete support to companies and organizations who choose to upgrade their information systems.

Our approach takes into account the global stakes of your company or organization and proposes appropriate step by step the solutions, combining business, organizational, methodologic and technological aspects.

Our partnership with SAP

The CAC / SAP partnership provides Francophone sub-Saharan African businesses with a high value-added service that ensures transparency, accountability, availability and particular attention. With this assistance offered by CAC, companies are optimizing their profitability, thanks to their skills in cash flow management, risk management, customer loyalty, streamlining operations and talent management.

Innovative solutions

We operate as an independent consultant and are actively present from one end of the information systems transformation chain to the other. We develop innovative solutions, ensure the integration and implementation of the systems chosen.

Our service lines include:

  • Proper examination of the integrity of data and computer applications
  • Management Information Systems Audits
  • Setting up Management Information Systems