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Sap partner

Our service offer

CAC offers comprehensive support for companies and organizations in the process of transformation of their information systems.

Our approach takes into account the global challenges of your business or organization and brings appropriate solutions for every need, by working on business lines, organizational methods and technologies.

We act as independent advisory and we operate from beginning to end of the information system chain.

We develop innovative solutions that ensure the integration and implementation of selected areas.

Our interventions are context-specific and are accomplished through pragmatic approaches that ensure the effectiveness of the advice given.

Our lines of services are:

  • review of data integrity and computer applications,
  • auditing of information systems management,
  • establishment of information systems management.


 SAP Partner

By a partnership agreement signed on October 15, 2008 with the firm SAP, CAC International has joined the global network of SAP partners. CAC International is part of the SAP Africa project with headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. The firm also belongs to the SAP partner network known as P2P Network, which leads to collaboration with numerous SAP partners established throughout the world.

Within the partnership, CAC International provides businesses and organizations, SAP Business All-In-One solutions. The deployment of these solutions is provided by certified CAC International SAP teams. They are supported when necessary, by human and material resources of the network described in the SAP world. The guarantee of quality and success of integration projects and maintenance is provided by CAC's SAP certified experts with knowledge of companies trades and industries.

The partnership CAC / SAP provides businesses of French-speaking countries of sub-Saharan Africa a high value-added service, which ensures transparency, accountability, availability and listening. With the assistance proposed by CAC, enterprises optimize their profitability, thanks to the skills acquired in managing cash flow, risk management, customer loyalty, streamline operations and talent management.

 IBM Business Partner

CAC International is an IBM Business Partner since April 16, 2008. Through this partnership, CAC International has positioned itself in the same way that IBM, as a favored partner of companies that favor ​​innovation, by helping them differentiate themselves in a sustainable way in a highly competitive environment.

As a partner of IBM, CAC International provides companies with technology solutions and services that include strategy consulting and IT architecture, maintenance, hardware and software support, consulting services and systems integration, application management and training.