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With the experience of many missions carried out over the years with commercial and central banks in Central Africa, as well as in other African countries, the CAC teams have developed a strong knowledge of banking.

We are able to support effectively financial institutions in their recurring tasks (such as statutory audit) and in their specific missions as part of specific projects or issues (legal and tax advice, etc.). The multidisciplinary expertise of CAC's consultants are at banks' disposal, in  audit or in advisory.

CAC is also able to support banks and companies in all the opportunities that are offered by the development of the capital market activity in Central Africa (the Douala Stock Exchange (DSX) hosts the official market securities in Cameroon, and the Stock Exchange of Central Africa (BVMAC), whose headquarters are in Libreville, hosts the official market of securities of the Central African sub-region).


Recent missions


  • Legal audit, tax, financial, accounting and information systems of Union Bank of Cameroon, on behalf of Travis Capital Partners
  • Special audit of accounting and budgetary procedures and certain transactions and transactions of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC)
  • Audits of the Central Bank of Djibouti and the Central Bank of Liberia conducted at the request of the World Bank
  • Auditing of Societe Generale de Banques au Cameroon (SGBC), Standard Chartered Bank Cameroon
  • Required to pay Citibank Cameroon


  • Accompanying Socapalm its capital increase with introduction to the Douala Stock Exchange (DSX)