Ghana: Government Will Invest $ 100 Million to Boost Youth Entrepreneurship

In Ghana, the executive commits to investing $ 100 million to encourage youth entrepreneurship, said Minister of Business Development Mohammed Awal (photo). « We are an economy driven by the private sector. « We will invest $ 100 million over the next four years to train young people in entrepreneurship. »

According to the official, the government, which relies on a next generation of Ghanaian entrepreneurs, is working to direct public investment towards the private sector to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit within the juvenile layer.

« There’s money in Ghana, we just have to redirect the spending. We are closing the gaps to mobilize these funds and we will invest them. Goodwill is there for Ghana to grow. « 

The minister also stressed that the government of Akufo-Addo is working on the development of the private sector. Mr. Awal stressed the need for entrepreneurs to identify new and more innovative sectors, sectors and business opportunities.

« As a government we will create incentives within the private sector … Look for opportunities, take them, and develop the private sector and Ghana will emerge. » he harangued.

Source: Ecofin Agency