About Cameroon

  • Area: 475,442 km2
  • Capital: Yaounde
  • Economic center: Douala
  • Population: 21 million
  • Official languages: French, English
  • Currency: CFA franc

The economy of the Republic of Cameroon is based on diversified agriculture, oil production, good hydroelectric potential, an important agro-industry and forestry. After 20 years of economic crisis followed by economic reforms and corporate privatization, the country reached the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative in 2006. The investments made in the wake of the achievement of the completion point have boosted economic growth.

Business law in Cameroon is based on the Uniform Acts of the Organization for the Harmonization in Africa of Business Law (OHADA), of which the country is a member.

The Douala Stock Exchange (DSX) hosts the official securities market in Cameroon.

CAC in Cameroon

Historically located in Cameroon, CAC has offices in Douala, the economic center of the country.Our activity in Cameroon covers, in the various sectors of the economic life and in the framework of our various businesses, both the accompaniment of our customers in their current operations and in their specific projects of medium or large scale.

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