Cameroon: Proparco and a consortium of banks provide funding to Hysacam

On October 19th , 2017, the Urban Community of Yaoundé hosted the signing ceremony of a financing agreement for the purchase of  24.5 billion FCFA by the company Health and Sanitation Cameroon (Hysacam), 211 trucks and 17 gear. 

The financing, which is syndicated, benefits from the solidarity guarantee from Proparco (a subsidiary of the Agence Française de Développement dedicated to the private sector) and the loan of three commercial banks. Societe Generale Cameroun as an arranger and lender has a loan amount of 7 billion FCFA, while those of Bicec and Ecobank are respectively 11.5 billion and 6 billion FCFA. 

The strengthening of Hysacam’s fleet of vehicles had become a categorical imperative, since even the government was no longer satisfied with the company’s monopoly in garbage collection in the urban centers of Cameroon. In this sense, the Presidency of the Republic has instructed the government to open the market for garbage collection. 

Source: Ecofin Agency