CAC International at the second edition of Rebranding Africa Forum 2015









CAC International has made its mark on the 2nd edition of the Rebranding Africa Forum 2015.


Theme “Investing in Africa, Entrepreneurship for Africa”


The year 2014 saw the Rebranding Africa Forum (RAF) emerging as the framework for the in-depth transformations that Africa needs today to refresh and gradually realize its deep aspirations. The first edition held on October 18, with the theme “The emergence of Africa, at what price? “, Highlighted the challenges and opportunities, the ways, the stages and the modalities of this process. There was also consensus that the success of this process will depend on a number of social, political and cultural factors which will have to be backed up by a sound economic infrastructure. This is precisely what is at stake in the second edition of the RAF scheduled for October 16th and 17th  in Brussels, under the main theme “Investing in Africa, undertaking for Africa”.


Thanks to the successive years of economic growth on the continent, the state is returning to the investor stage. How to model and channel this return of the investing state in Africa, so as to perpetuate and make inclusive economic growth? How to articulate and promote win-win partnerships between public and private investors, and in which sectors? How can we identify and address challenges that will make African economies more attractive to international investors and entrepreneurs? What are the priority areas for investment in Africa, and how? What structural measures should be adopted to encourage the emergence and consolidation of a strong and dynamic local entrepreneurship? And last but not least, given the importance of image and communication today, how better to promote the continent’s economic assets? These include, among others, some of the questions that will feed into the reflection and exchanges between personalities and experts from all over the world, business leaders, economic and political decision-makers, national and international investors, international leaders, financial institution managers, young executives from Africa and the African Diaspora, academics, the media, etc.

The business dinner on October 16th, with African and international entrepreneurs and investors, will be the first highlight of these exchanges. The second highlight of October 17th will be three high-level panels bringing together the most appropriate skills and a debate with a leading political decision-maker on economic opportunities on the continent and in his country in particular.