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We work in the public sector as part of missions related to development projects funded by international financial institutions and missions related to support the reform of the state. Our audit procedures aims operational and organizational audit, legal and tax advisory, the implementation of appropriate management tools, and training for public sector users.

As part of the support for the reform of the State, CAC offers a range of services to assist African countries in modernizing their management through the establishment of reliable and appropriate tools .

Our experts provide an efficient and modern support to development projects, public administration, government agencies, public companies and parastatals, donors as part of their intervention on behalf of States.

Building on a multidisciplinary approach of our teams, we provide solutions to states for improving the management of public funds.

Recent missions

  • Operational audit of Customs to strengthen its capabilities (Congo)
  • Development of the Anti-Corruption Congo
  • Organizational audit and performance of the Fund of Congolese Depreciation (CCA)
  • Organizational audit and performance of the Directorate General of Treasury (Congo)
  • Audit of the HIPC account on August 31, 2007 (Congo)
  • Audit of development projects on behalf of the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Cameroon
  • Diagnostic study of hotel establishments and para-public sector (Cameroon)
  • Elaboration of a draft public procurement code of Cameroon
  • Writing Schedule for Tax and Customs markets European Development Fund (Cameroon)
  • Audit of the procurement (Chad)
  • Study on the privatization of toll roads in Cameroon
  • Assistance in financial and accounting management of the National Committee for the Fight against AIDS in Cameroon (NAC)
  • Assistance to the reform of public procurement in Cameroon
  • Assistance to the reform of public procurement in Chad
  • Operational audit of the Directorate General Treasury of Cameroon